MU MILANO / Mission

The quality for MU is a global concept which comes from the knowledge and experience.
It is our main idea which gets real when we deliver our projects.

MU Building Automation and Home Entertainment is the ideal partner of an architect, a constructor and a system engineer in the realization of lighting control systems, automation, audio and video distribution, home cinema, conference rooms and tailored technology. MU is the first Italian Company specialised in design, planning and technical direction of Building Automation Systems. The quality of the audio and video entertainment and the neatness of the fruition are at the centre of the project. Professional and high quality standards guarantee an excellent cutting edge service.
The entrusted projects launch from time to time new challenges which MU is able to accept and win, always moving further the limits that the technology market had known until then. The audio and video systems can be invisible or act like protagonists depending on the needs, making the experience unique, immediate and unrepeatable. The attention dedicated to the design, the modularity and the scalability of applications accessible from anywhere transform the everyday routines in emotions.