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For a successful project specialised skills relating to the various facilities and a new professional figure, the system integrator, are necessary. It should possess certain qualities, like a multidisciplinary knowledge, the ability to establish advantageous relationships with everyone involved in the project and a strict organization method.


Increasingly complex demands by the commission led MU to a dynamic vision and multidisciplinary design of audio video, home automation and lighting. Synergies between different professional figures, knowledge of technological issues and integration of many different systems are the key words on which our professional offer is based.


We collaborate with all the professionals already on client's service, providing our consulting support for a realization of a perfectly working integrated system. We operate on the national and international territory.


The after sales service and technical assistance in general are among the most important activities. Indeed MU ensures maximum attention and support for existing works.


We give you the opportunity to contextualize the maintenance of the systems, mainly aimed at the office and building automation world.


According to customer's requirements we are able to create something completely customized. It is a unique moment in which technology and aesthetics are mixed to create an innovative experience.